Raezz app is a simple way that helps you create memes and connect with the world thru an instant feedback mechanism.

For example:
John wants to post about global warming. He signs in to Raezz, loads up a suitable image. He creates a meme that says "Global Warming is a Global Warning!". This meme is posted for other users to see and offer immediate feedback as a support vote or a simple comment.

If you are not a contributor, every time you sign-on to Raezz you'll see posts created by others which you will choose to support or ignore. You can also comment on all the memes you see.

Use Raezz to:

Raezz Feed

We believe in unity and solidarity. So everyone gets the same feed. Soon, we'll add filters for you to choose from such as interests, specific dates, locations (Cities, countries, continents), popularity (comments, likes). You'll be in total control. Here is a great TEDTalk video on this issue by Eli Pariser.

Current version

Raezz App version 1.5.21

Version 1.5.21

Version 1.5.18

We are bringing 14 brand new filters for your posts. You'll be able to choose one, none or randomize these filters on your photos.